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Chaos was born in 2002 to a nurse and an ex-RAF pilot. They were raised in a musical environment and showed aptitude at a young age, this prompted their pianist Grandfather to teach them the ways of the keys (mainly chopsticks). Their family was also very supportive of their early (somewhat terrible) singing and decided to improve this with lessons (both for Chaos’s benefit and for the sake of their ears). Luckily for everybody Chaos’s musical abilities improved with age and during their teenage years they discovered a love of songwriting. Writing their first complete song at 13 lit a fire in Chaos’s soul and they discovered a love of writing, (unfortunately for everyone else in the household, they haven’t known peace and quiet since) while picking up other instruments along the way. Chaos experimented with a variety of genres from rock to rap before settling on alternative dark pop and ballads, some of which can be found on their YouTube HERE. Chaos is currently studying music at Access creative college.

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